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    Welcome to Strahl & Pitsch. For more than 100 years we've been committed to fostering cooperation and positive partner relationships with our customers by producing quality waxes you can depend on.

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  • Waxes for Personal Care & Cosmetic Products

    Make Strahl & Pitsch your home for natural and specialty wax products, as thousands of personal care formulators have.

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  • Waxes for Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Products

    Strahl & Pitsch produces a range of USP/NF and EP monograph waxes suitable for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications.

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  • Waxes for Confectionery Products

    We offer a range of natural waxes produced at our FSSC compliant facility for use in a wide array of confectionery products.

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  • Waxes for Household & Industrial Products

    There are hundreds of traditional applications for waxes used in household and industrial products. From candle waxes to casting waxes and hundreds of years in between, we offer many functional wax products for your formulation.

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  • Our Network of Distributors

    We partner with a worldwide network of distributors that showcase the importance of customer service and believe customer support to be the foundation upon which our success has been built.

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Leaders in Wax Technology

Strahl & Pitsch specializes in importing, refining and custom blending the world's finest Beeswax, Carnauba, Candelilla and other waxes. For over a century, Strahl & Pitsch has been uniquely positioned to fulfilling virtually all of your requirements. Our expertise covers a wide range of industries with particular emphasis in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

About us
Our Commitment

Creating a Sustainable Future

Strahl & Pitsch LLC is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of our network of supply partners in its provision of the finest waxes in the world.

Our Products

Developed to Meet Your Needs

In addition to offering the finest refined natural waxes available, Strahl & Pitsch has long maintained as a primary goal, providing customers with specialized wax product blends developed to meet a particular need, industry trend or performance requirement.

We have long worked to foster cooperation and positive partner relationships with our customers to assist in the development of innovative products. We invite you to allow us to do the same for you.