Ozokerite Wax

EU compliant Ozokerite Wax

A white, odorless, tasteless product that works to enhance gel strength in liquid and semi-solid systems. This wax is used extensively in personal care and cosmetic products and is compliant with the Cosmetics Recommendation No. 14.

INCI: Ozokertite Wax
CAS #: 12198-93-5
EINECS #: 265-134-6
Country of origin: USA
Composition: Blend


Ozokerites are defined as hydrocarbon waxes. The organization Cosmetics Europe (COLIPA) has established recommendations for carbon number, viscosity, and molecular weight. Many hydrocarbon based cosmetic ingredients, including some Ozokerite Waxes, will not meet these suggested parameters. Our EU compliant Ozokerite Waxes were developed with COLIPA in mind, and will function as well as any of our traditional Ozokerite Waxes.

Ozokerite Wax will increase viscosity, assist in emulsion stability and enhance gel strength in any system. It is a hard wax with a relatively high melt point. These characteristics encourage its use in lipstick and lip care products to promote structure and stick strength.

Strahl & Pitsch has developed a number of product options with varied melting points, gel strengths and penetration values you may consider.


  • Increases Viscosity

  • Assist in Emulsion Stability

  • Gel Strength Enhancement

Forms Available:

  • Slabs
  • Pastilles


Ozokerite Wax is compatible with many vegetable and mineral waxes and a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Regulatory information

Globally accepted
No animal testing
REACH Registered
No Heavy Metals
Compliant with the Cosmetics Recommendation No. 14
No Nanomaterials
No Nutritional Content
No Microbial Content
No Residual Solvents
No Preservatives, including Triclosan
NO VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
No SVHCs in concentration above 0.1% according to REACH

Recommended applications

Antiperspirants & Deodorants
Baby Lotion
Color Cosmetics
Creams & Lotions
Stick Formulations


Test Method Specification
Color Visual White
Congealing Point ASTM D938 80.0 - °C
Needle Penetration ASTM D1321 10 -

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