Candle Blends

All natural container candle blend

Made using natural waxes and processed plant oil ingredients. Developed specifically for glass container candles. The surface appearance is described as an attractive crystalline or marbleized surface treatment. Reliable adherence to container wall with no pull away. Good burning wax base with no sooting. Strong fragrance throw. Fragrance levels can be as high as 12%.


Strahl & Pitsch proudly introduces our line of all-natural candle blends. Votive blends, pillars of all types, tart pans, balls, pyramids, etc.


  • Petroleum Free
  • Ingredients are based on natural and renewable resources.
  • Finished candles are unique in appearance and physical characteristics.
  • Allows for higher fragrance loads with retention.


Natural Candle Blends are compatible with many vegetable and mineral waxes and a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Regulatory information

Recommended applications

Candles & Wicks


Test Method Specification
Color Visual Off White
Melting Point, Capillary Tube, Class II USP/NF 741 54.4 - 60.0 °C
Congealing Point ASTM D-938 51.7 - 57.2 °C
Needle Penetration @ 25 °C ASTM D-1321 8 -20

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