Yellow Beeswax Candle Blend

DR-275YP is our cost effective Yellow Beeswax Candle Blend for your candle making needs.


Strahl & Pitsch, LLC is the leading global refiner of Beeswax, producing White and Yellow Grades of Beeswax, certified to the current USP/NF Monograph, Food Chemicals Codex, and other compendium.

The company sources crude wax from dozens of countries throughout the world. Our valued supplier relations are personal, trusted and long term associations. Among our wax sources we count individual beekeepers, local co-operatives, fair-trade community groups, honey industry suppliers and established and reliable international traders.


  • High binding strength

  • Pronounced plasticity

  • Excellent emulsifiability

  • Emollient base

  • Gelling agent

  • Viscosity modifier

  • Plasticizer

  • Improves structure, oil retention, and pay-off for stick applications

Forms Available:

  • Pastilles

  • Slabs

  • Cakes

Beeswax is compatible with many vegetable and mineral waxes and a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Regulatory information

Globally accepted
No animal testing
no BHT and/or BHA
No Heavy Metals
No Nanomaterials
No Nutritional Content
No Microbial Content
No Residual Solvents
May contain BHT up to 25 ppm
No Preservatives, including Triclosan
NO VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
No Food Fragrance Allergens, including gluten
No 1,4 dioxane, ethylene oxide, and propylene oxide
No SVHCs in concentration above 0.1% according to REACH
No Parabens, Phathalates, Glycol Ethers, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Releasers

Recommended applications

Candles & Wicks


Test Method Specification
Color Visual Orange - Yellow
Melting Point NF Method for Yellow Wax 62.0 - 65.0 °C
Acid Value NF Method for Yellow Wax 17 - 24
Saponification Value NF Method for Yellow Wax 89 - 103

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