carnaubaStrahl & Pitsch proudly introduces our line of all-natural candle blends.

Product Advantages:

  • Complex blend of typical fatty acids and esters.
  • Ingredients are based on natural and renewable resources.
  • Finished candles are unique in appearance and physical characteristics.
  • Allows for higher fragrance loads with retention.
  • Scuff resistant surface.
  • Excellent release for molded candles.
  • Outstanding adhesion in a container candles.
  • Clean, slow, even burn with little smoke when extinguished.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Varying the pour temperatures will produce a verity of crystal shapes and sizes.
  • Lighter colors give more contrast to the unique appearance.
  • A non-metal core wick is recommended.*
  • A small amount of the heat applied to the surface will vary the appearance.
  • Various shape molds will give different textures.

Processing Guidelines:

  • Recommended pouring temperature 185°F to 195°F.
  • Certain colors will enhance the crystal appearance.
  • Choose a wick that is slightly larger than what is normally used for the specific candle diameter.
  • After the material has initially crystallized, break the surface.
  • For second pour, recommended temperature is 150°F to 170°F.

* For further wick recommendations, call WICK IT at 866-394-2548

Typical Values:

All Natural Blends:



Application Guide:

All Natural Blends: