carnaubaMulti-Purpose Base SP-811 is a Natural oil wax base made with Vegerite SP-3003 (vegetable Ozokerite Wax).This product is a transparent gel with a “silicone-like” skin feel. SP-811 is able to incorporate pigments and micas to form natural lip glosses,
natural deodorant sticks, natural fragrance sticks, and natural eye shadowsticks. This is a Highly cost effective natural base.



  • Keeps stick strength while increasing the breakage value (stability).
  • Able to hold high levels of fragrance and color loads.
  • High stability in warmer climates.
  • Silicone “like” Feel.


Applications include:

  • Natural Stick formulations:
  • Natural Lipstick
  • Natural Lip Balms
  • Natural Lip Gloss
  • Eye Shadow Stick
  • Massage Gel



Multi-Purpose Base SP-811w/ Vegerite SP-3003 is compatible with most vegetable and mineral waxes, as well as vegetable oils, mineral oils and petrolatum's.


Basis1 Properties:

Multi-PurposeBase SP-811 w/ Vegerite SP-3003
Color Yellow
Drop Point 55.0°C - 70.0°C
Penetration 80 - 120
Odor None to Slight
Appearance Waxy Mass




INCI Name:


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