Satisfying a customer’s need is what Strahl & Pitsch believes distinguishes us and demonstrates a commitment to our customers.

In addition to offering the finest refined natural waxes available, Strahl & Pitsch has long maintained as a primary goal, providing customers with specialized wax product blends developed to meet a particular need, industry trend or performance requirement.

We have long worked to foster cooperation and positive partner relationships with our customers to assist in the development of innovative products. We invite you to allow us to do the same for you.



Our history and understanding of the wax marketplace is extensive and provides Strahl & Pitsch with vision and perspective. With more than a century of experience refining and blending waxes we are indeed a long-established business who has succeeded by being responsive to customers needs, the old-fashioned way. We understand the importance of customer service and believe it is the foundation upon which our successful business is built.

Strahl & Pitsch recognizes business is also a driven by personal relationships that are forged between customers and our raw material suppliers, who are both important to our success. We seek quality and consistent ingredients from sources we have long-relied upon to produce refined natural waxes and custom wax blends, which are critical to our customers needs.

As Strahl & Pitsch has grown we have also evolved, incorporating advances in science and technology to remain current with developments in the industries we serve. We offer a wide range of products, in a variety of forms and packaging options, of quality conforming to standards established by recognized authorities.



Strahl & Pitsch is committed to producing quality waxes you may depend on. We developed and have implemented a quality system, which directs our manufacturing and quality control operations. It is hybrid, modeled after ISO 9001 guidelines with IPEC GMP procedures and was developed to incorporate desirable aspects of different quality systems, customized in a format designed to meet our needs and satisfy the requirements of a diverse customer base.